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Injury Recovery.  Faster and with Lasting Effect.

A simple slip, fall or other accident has already set you back - now let us help you be sure that the pain and injury of that accident doesn't stay longer than needed.

We've helped many people just like you recover from accidents and injuries, get out of pain and back to full health.

Read through this page to see how we can help you too.

Ankle Pain gone - I am running again
Ankle Pain gone - I am running again

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Orthopedic Surgeon Gave Up
Orthopedic Surgeon Gave Up

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CrossFit Foot Pain Removed
CrossFit Foot Pain Removed

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Ankle Pain gone - I am running again
Ankle Pain gone - I am running again

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Let us help you get your life back too.

Our trademarked Spine&Sport™ approach is the "secret weapon" that you have been looking for to treat your chronic pain, accidents & injury recovery
Why You Should Check Us Out

We have helped so many people overcome the pain or injury of a slip, fall or other accident and get to back a normal, pain-free life – without surgery, drugs or long-term doctor visits. 

We use a combination of patented soft tissue therapies, advanced chiropractic and neurological re-training that sets the HealthWorks Spine & Sport™ approach apart from all other providers.

Sure, some cases may still require surgery or lifelong medication – but especially in most cases of back pain, we can remove your pain and restore your mobility so that you can GET YOUR LIFE BACK - faster and with less hassle too!

For new patients....see our new patient special. You can start feeling better right away!
All Insurances - All Lawyers - No Cost to You*
* for Personal Injury cases.
Helping You:
  • Car Accidents & Injuries

  • Chronic Pain 

  • Joint Problems

  • Mobility Issues

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

  • Elbow, Arm & Leg Pain

If you've not responded well to other treatments and still have the same pain/injury,

it's time you try the

HealthWorks Spine & Sport approach.

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The HealthWorks Spine & Sport™ approach :

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Our trademarked approach combines:

  • sports chiropractic care

  • Active Release Techniques (ART) 

         for soft tissue work

  • Graston Technique 

         for internal scar tissue removal


  • traditional chiropractic and progressive rehab

tailored to your specific needs.


For new patients....
Stop suffering with pain today. Call us at 281-286-2229
Why this is for You

As the leading Active Release and Graston Doctor in Houston Clear Lake, we treat a wide variety of sports injuries and chronic pain.

We restore function and mobility for everyone from professional athletes as well as rest of us who may be suffering from the effects of an accidents, slip, fall or other condition.

Clinic Hours:

8am - 6:00pm

8am – 7:00pm


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