No-cost Walk-in Appointment for CrossFit Members


We love Cross-fitters and want to help you be all you can - without injury or pain!


In partnership with all local Crossfit boxes in Clear Lake, we put together a No-Cost Walk-In offer for every CrossFit member like you.  (We try to be at the boxes too, but since it's impossible to hit all classes at every box, we also invite you to come see us.)

If you're having pain, limited movement or other injury or dysfunction, then the first step to getting better and back to action is to come in an chat with Dr Katie on how you might get rid of that and stop it from coming back.


Your doctor consultation (and sample treatment if time allows) is entirely free, as long as your a paying CrossFit member at a local box.


Now, just fill out the form and let us know when you plan to drop by.

See you soon!

Dr Katie and team

No-Cost Walk-in Times...


Tuesday        3-4 pm

Thursday      9-10 am


Fill out the form below to claim your no-cost consultation: