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Spine & Sport™

At HealthWorks, we believe that - with the right treatment - every person can make significant strides to relieving their pain and accelerating their healing.  All it takes is the right combination of our "Spine & Sport"™ approach.

Tailored Treatments that Work

Each patient coming to see us receives a customized treatment plan that will best help their injury - there is no  "one-size-fits-all" treatment plan here!  Following an initial exam, the doctor will design the treatment plan that will best help you get out of pain and back to health.

Get your life back too.

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What is Graston?

Spine & Sport™ Advantage
Can't Be Beat

Putting it all together, our patients find our approach works well to relieve even the most stubborn pain, mobility or injury situations.  We have helped so many people get out of pain and back to full function - even those who have thought surgery or a lifelong supply of prescription drugs to be their only solution.  

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Why Scar Tissue is a Problem

Most chronic pain and older injuries often gve limited range of motion or reduced performance due to the scar tissue built-up inside the body.  Our use of the patented Graston tools & techniques help break down the scar tissue to restore range of motion and help eliminate pain.

Graston & Active Release

Alhough most chiropractors focus on the spine, at HealthWorks, we combine the best chiropractic care with specialized soft tissue and joint treatment protocols from both the Graston Technique and the Active Release Techniques.  This means that we have a much broader range of tools - and much higher probability - to get you out of pain and back to your best.

Topped off with Custom Rehab 

To ensure that the chiropractic and soft tissue treatments "stick" for the long term, we include a customized rehabilitation in the treatment plan for every patient.  This protocol gives you the at-home tools and techniques to promote even faster healing and pain relief, but more importantly, help you avoid relapse or recurrence over the long term.