Video Clips:  Pain Relief & Injury Recovery of Joint Pain

This page gives an overview of the type of treatment provided at HealthWorks Spine & Sport for cases of Joint Pain.  

(We're working on a page for Back/Neck Pain, but it's not yet done - so check out this page in the meantime.)

Of course, each patient and each case is different and would therefore also have a different treatment protocol.

The videos show diagnosis and treatment options for a knee injury - a similar plan would be followed for any joint injury or pain.


Back pain, neck pain, headaches etc that are not joint-specific injuries may include some of the same protocols shown here, but of course may also include spinal care / adjustments.

Knee Pain Example

Video length... 2:11 

Active Release

Video length... 2:38 


Video length... 2:21 

Video length... 3:21

Video length... 2:11

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