My Knee Pain is gone!

I'm sharing this page with my friends because I've got good news!

My knee pain is gone.

I didn't think it was possible to overcome my knee pain so easily, but t's true.

Here's what Dr. Katie and her team at HealthWorks did....

First, they correctly diagnosed my problem area - finding out what exactly happened to my knee.

Then they applied their ACTIVE RELEASE and GRASTON technologies to resolve it.

Knee pain relief found at HealthWorks
Joint Pain Relief & Injury Recovery at HealthWorks

Those treatments dissolved the scar tissue that had built up and was causing the pain.  Now I can run, walk, dance and jump again!


Thank you HealthWorks!


P.S. You won't find this kind of treatment at a standard chiropractor office, and not at any orthopedic clinic either.    Read the info below to learn more about HealthWorks and how they perform their magic!

Welcome to...  Clear Lake's Leading Chiropractor

Is pain in your knee keeping you from enjoying the simple pleasures of life?

If so, then you've come to the right spot!

We've helped many people just like you with pain in their knee get out of pain and back to walking, dancing & running - even when their doctor told them that wouldn't be possible!.

Here's your First Step

Ankle Pain gone - I am running again
Ankle Pain gone - I am running again

Orthopedic Surgeon Gave Up
Orthopedic Surgeon Gave Up

CrossFit Foot Pain Removed
CrossFit Foot Pain Removed

Ankle Pain gone - I am running again
Ankle Pain gone - I am running again


If you've not responded well to other treatments and still have the same pain/injury,

it's time you try the

HealthWorks Spine & Sport approach.

Why You Should Check Us Out

We have helped so many people overcome the pain in their knee joint and get their life back – without surgery, drugs or long-term doctor visits. 

Our secret is in the combination of patented soft tissue therapies, advanced chiropractic and neurological re-training - and that sets the HealthWorks Spine & Sport™ approach apart from all other providers.  Read more...

Sure, some cases may still require surgery – but in MOST CASES we can remove your pain and restore your mobility so that you can GET BACK TO WALKING, DANCING & RUNNING - at a fraction of the cost.

Don't Miss This!

We've probably helped restore function and mobility in more people with knee problems & related injuries  than any other provider in the area.   

With more 5-star reviews than any other provider in Clear Lake, we are eager to now help you also.

Come and see us, and if you don't think that we can help you or are in any way not sure, we'll just give you your money back, no questions asked. 

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Make your appointment now - it's just $49 (or less, depending on your insurance) and has a risk-free, money-back guarantee - that's how confident we are!

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HealthWorks is the leading Clear Lake Spine and Sport provider, serving all of Webster, Seabrook, League City and south Houston areas.  Our use of Active Release and Graston together with advanced chiropractic help ensure faster healing and lasting pain relief for sports injuries, accidents and chronic health issues.