Special Knee Pain Seminar

March 23 6-7pm

900 Apollo, Houston - ClearLake

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Knee Pain Explained & Eliminated.  

Join us for an in-clinic Seminar to learn the secrets of Knee Pain:

  • why knee pain might not be what you think

  • why an MRI might not tell you anything anyway

  • treatment secrets that most medical providers don't know about

  • how to prevent further knee pain from recurring

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Your knee pain may not be what you think

How we eliminate

your Knee Pain 

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with Dr Katie

Dr. Katie VanWagenen and Therapist Terence King will be on hand to share the secrets of knee pain diagnosis, treatment & prevention. 

The seminar is open to all - there's no charge and there will be an open Q&A time with Dr. Katie afterwards to answer any questions.


We've helped many others, come see how we can help you!