At HealthWorks Spine & Sport™, we understand that any pain or dysfunction that you develop can be detrimental to your daily life, your athletic performance, or your overall well-being.

Furthermore, we understand that each person and his or her injury are unique.  As a result, there is no single treatment type that works best for everyone. It is important to determine exactly what combination of treatments needs to be applied.


As a soft-tissue specialist, Dr. AJ Vazquez DC carefully analyzes the way your body moves. He utilizes functional tests, orthopedic exams, joint palpation and muscle testing to determine what is working, what is not working and what is working improperly. Dr. AJ Vazquez DC will identify functional deficits, weaknesses or imbalances. From there he is able to develop a cutting edge treatment plan that will enable you to function at your optimal health.


Our goal is not only to treat your injury, but also to educate you in the process. We want you to know why you became injured. We want you to understand your treatment process. We also want you to have all the knowledge necessary to prevent your injury from returning.


As Dr. Vazquez tells patients all the time:

I can fix the problem all day long, but if we do not fix the reason it is happening the injury will keep coming back. That wouldn't make me a very good doctor, now would it?


At HealthWorks Spine & Sport™ we provide treatments that get results!

  • Improved Performance

  • Enhanced Flexibility

  • Pain-Free Movement


Let us be your go-to solution for Sports Injury Houston // Sports Medicine Houston!


Our Team...

Alfredo J Vazquez, DC

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Tania Waldo


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Why do people love us?

Because we actually help solve the problem!


Unlike other chiropractors, we integrate the top-end techniques used by pro athletes to help the weekend warrior and the couch potato!


Our treatments are specialized to YOUR needs, so that we get the RESULTS that you want!


Faster pain relief.  Quicker recovery.  Lasting  results.

See for yourself how we do it and what makes us different?  

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HealthWorks has more 5-star ratings* online than any other chiropractor or sports practitioner in all of Clear Lake!

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